Layout Assignment

OMG! Best Opening Ever!!!

This is truly untouchable.  Apparently, Francis Ford Coppola pretty much went mad making this film.  Heck, if a brush with insanity is all it takes to make art like this, reserve a room for me in Bedlam!  Prepare to be bowled over if you’ve never had the pleasure:

Your mission is to get some of this sequence (until his unbelievable first line) on at least one 10×15″ page, trippiness intact.   Look at some of the samples of page layout as meta-panels and  graphic design and see if you can find a way to preserve the feel of the overlapping dissolves and visual puns on a static page.  I want your page to include not merely the images, but the entire tone of the sequence, and this will mostly be accomplished through some sort of unique panel arrangement.  Can you find a way to make the connection between the chopper blades and the ceiling fan through well-placed juxtaposition?  How about the crucial correlation (made even more apparent at the end of the film) between Sheen’s face and that of the Buddha statue?  Can you “time” the napalm explosion for shock value?  Is it even feasible that somehow it could draw to a close on the page with that triple image of gun/eye/fan?   Do what Coppola did to film with comics: re-think all the rules.