Hi, I’m consequentialart–but you can call me Josiah Leighton.  Long ago, this site was the home of supplemental material for my “Storytelling with Art” class. It now exists as a storehouse of lessons I hope will be used again.  Please navigate this site by choosing a lesson from the CATEGORIES field in the pull-down above.  I have nothing but admiration and the highest respect for all the artists whose work I display. This site is intended for the educational purposes only. I implore all of my visitors to seek out the complete works of all artists contained herein and purchase their works. This can be facilitated via the Bibliography page above.  I will try to add some Comixology links at some point in the future.

Some of my own artwork can be viewed here.


I studied fine arts at Yale University many years ago.  I currently live and work in Washington, D.C.

18 thoughts on “About

  1. This whole website is worth every minute of reading. Your students have a great resource in you. I find myself intrigued, and want more, when I am not someone who has a personal interest in crafting comics. Great work!

  2. Lindsey says:

    So, since I kind of need it to finish the ruins, are you going to scan in the picture of the mill? Thanks.

    And, the website was very helpful for when we had homework.

  3. consequentialart says:

    Hey Lindsey. The mill sketch, as well as the character designs, are now at right in the category Final Project.

    I’m glad you have been using the site. Your understanding certainly shows in your completely pro completed homework. I’ll need to check into the legality of this, but I believe if I can get your signed permission (and perhaps signatures of your guardian), I can post your work here. I’d love for our out-of-class readers to see what you’ve made. People would not believe your age.

  4. Hey. I just wanted to say your comics are really good, and thank you for teaching me all this new stuff. I was thinking about making one of the stories I wrote into a comic now. I can use what you taught me now. Hopefully it comes out good!!

  5. consequentialart says:

    Nick, I’m so glad you found this site. Please keep reading. It blows my mind that you are going to get even better than you already are as you age. I am not exaggerating when I say that I could show pros the work you did for my class as a MIDDLE SCHOOLER and they would want to publish it.

  6. Lindsey says:

    Great Scott! I’m sorry that I missed the show way back. I went to the Performing Arts Center, looking for it. I did not know it got moved to a different location…
    Well, anywho, are you still planning on having a session sometime to finish inking?

  7. consequentialart says:

    Hey Lindsey,

    We will definitely have one more inking session. Don’t fret. Currently, the Art Center’s space is in transition. As soon as we have a space, we’ll put this baby to rest. I’m still extremely excited to see your pages finished. Don’t worry!

  8. Hello and thanks,
    Stumbled upon your blog while reading drawing blogs and the like. I’m not sure who you are because I couldn’t find it on this site but I wanted to say thank you for your time and everything you have to say. It is very informative and I appreciate the sharing of critique and insight.

  9. Lindsey says:

    Hey Josiah,
    It’s been awhile, and I was wondering if Winter Green had finished moving. I’m hoping that we’ll still have an inking session. Lately I’ve been really anxious to get back in the swing of inking, so I can refresh my memory on it. I plan on creating some sort of short booklet throughout highschool for my portfolio like you suggested. And, I hope that you might teach this course again, because (even though I’ve learned) I’d definately enlist in your class again. So, thanks for the graphics and inking education!

  10. i have the same question as linds. her and i would really like to finish those. and linsey’s are amazing. i know she really wants to finish them and i’d like to finish mine. so if u could please get in touch with one of us it would really be appreciated.

  11. consequentialart says:


    I have literally been trying to get a space for us for a month and a half. I was strung along and finally people stopped even replying to my requests. I met the lady at the art supply store in Presque Isle a couple days ago, and she said you two were in talking to her about this too. My good computer (the one with Photoshop and my images) has been broken for over a month, meaning I cannot finish adding text onto the pages yet (nor properly update this site).

    However, none of this is your concern. I will not let you down. Tomorrow I will ask Job Corps if they can somehow accommodate us. If not, I’ll hold the class in my garage at home if I have to. We missed the G/T show (even if we had had the session, the computer problem would have stopped us from putting out the book in time), but who cares? I just want this done for you all. We’ve put too much into this to not have it done.

    I’ll e-mail you both about this in case you’ve stopped checking this site due to my lack of updates.

    Sorry. I am as serious about having a finished product as you are. We’ll get this done.

  12. lindsey says:

    I’m so pumped now. I’ve bought my own ink and ink handle/nibs.
    This is something I really want to use to improve my experience with graphics.

  13. Nick says:

    Josiah, doesn’t seem like you have updated in awhile, so Im not sure when you will get this message. Hopefully you are still just having computer problems and will get back to updating soon.

    I wanted to say that I came across your site about a week ago and have been pouring over every post ever since. Absolutely amazing. I am getting a virtual master class in comics just from this site. Your insights on here have blown my mind and helped me analyze and appreciate the comics medium even more. If only I could take your actual class.

    So thanks. Keep up the great work.

  14. This is certainly the third blog post, of yours I personally read through.

    Nonetheless I personally enjoy this one, “Consequentialarts
    Sequential Art Class” the very best. Take care ,Sherlene

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