Krazy Kat births Quimby Mouse

Chris Ware is the absolute best thing in comics for a plethora of reasons, one of which is the fact that he has absorbed the entire history of great newspaper comics. Many, many have tried to match the ingenuity of George Herriman’s intricate layout games. At times, Ware bests them. Case in point:

Fantagraphics Books  © F. Chris Ware

art: Chris Ware book: Acme Novelty Library publisher: Fantagraphics Books © F. Chris Ware

The typography is perfect, the graphic design with the complementary colors and balanced inverted triangles is stunning, and the pipes function as more than just a clever conceit. The design here is like a well-constructed rhyme: it’s impossible to tell which line came first. All elements have to function in unison.


5 thoughts on “Krazy Kat births Quimby Mouse

  1. James Kang says:

    I found this blog through Sean T. Collins’ site. I don’t know of any other blogger who devotes themselves to regularly writing analyses of the craft of comics. This site is wonderful.

  2. consequentialart says:

    Thanks so much for the support, guys! The class is tackling a new aspect of comic creation every week, so I’ll be updating pretty much constantly now that I once again have a working scanner. Keep letting me know what you think!

    And James — isn’t Sean’s site great? If you think he’s entertaining as a blogger, you shoulda had him as a roommate! He actually talks in those perfectly constructed paragraphs, AND you get to sit down and watch all those horror movies with him. God I miss college!

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